About Us

St. Clair Shores CrossFit is a community of trainers and athletes working together for a common goal: Better fitness for every member.  What that might look like varies from person to person.  We’ve worked with people who couldn’t do a pull-up when they joined but a year later could knock out five of six in a row without a thought.  Our members come in all shapes and sizes and ability levels.  What matters is your goal and your commitment to achieving that goal.  If you’ve got the desire to be stronger and enjoy greater health and fitness, then St. Clair Shores CrossFit is the place for you.

About the owner

Jason David is the owner and head trainer of Shores CrossFit. Jason has over 5 years of experience with CrossFit and continues to learn. Jason has facilitated over 10,000 CrossFit sessions loves helping people get better. CrossFit changed Jason’s life forever and he is very passionate about showing others how. 

CrossFit Level 1 certified
CrossFit Kids certified
CrossFit Kettlebell certified
JD wasn’t always the fit trainer he is today.  Click here to see his story and how he got started with CrossFit!