10 Hidden Warning Signs That Your Lifestyle Is Killing You


Too dramatic? I learned it from the interweb. It gets you to click. 

We hear the same thing over and over ‘diet and exercise’. Or, ‘everything in moderation’. Everybody knows this. And there’s a reason it doesn’t work. We all know what we’re supposed to do. We just don’t do it, or know how to do it. Or even know how to find if something that we may not even know is a problem, is a problem. And how to go about trying to fix it.
These are just some things to think about. Many of these things took me years to figure out. There are probably countless books on each item on this list so, take it for what it’s worth and go from there.
1. You MUST sit down or step on something to tie your shoes. 
Think about the last time you tied (or untied) your shoes with both feet on the ground. If you can’t do it, you likely are in a bit of trouble. Lack of flexibility, body mechanics/mobility may be the issue. Or too much belly fat. Fix this!
2. You DO NOT relish some form of regular physical activity. 
Forcing yourself to go to the gym, run or lift weights doesn’t count. And if you force yourself or ‘dread’ working out, it probably isn’t a lifestyle anyway. Keep searching. Look for something to do physically, that you look forward to. It doesn’t matter what it is.
3. You DO NOT like what you see when you look in the mirror. 
You should be happy with what you see. Maybe even a little bit proud.
4. You shop in the middle aisles of the grocery store. 
This isn’t new advice as it’s been in countless blogs/lists over the years. Yes, you are more than likely to eat a healthy diet if you shop the perimeter of the grocery story. But another reason this is important is that you are more likely to get your health/diet information from the wrong sources if you are shopping the middle and fancy yourself ‘health conscious’. TV Commercials, traditional websites and ‘big media’ in general are going to do everything they can to keep you in the middle. There’s no money in spinach.
5. You are on long term OTC/prescription drugs. 
Make an effort to find the cause. Not just addressing the symptoms. (This is not advice to just stop taking prescription drugs, just a different way to look at it). Not taking heartburn medicine doesn’t cause heartburn.
6. You aren’t a member of any kind of league/team/group/club/church that you attend regularly. 
You need more than an occasional night out with friends. Unless you are literally unhappy being around supportive likeminded people.
7. You hate your job. 
Tough one, I know. There is something wrong with dreading going somewhere every day. Forever. Because you don’t have choice. Try to change that.
8. You throw away the yolk. 
There are few things healthier that you can put in your body than the yolk of an egg. Similar to #4, you are likely getting your health information from an unreliable source.
Again, the only way to make an egg less healthy is to remove the yolk. Stop it.
9. You are tired all the time. 
It means you aren’t sleeping enough. I know this is normal for most people. It’s also killing you.
10. You shop for food, and a gym membership based solely on price. But not cell phones, cars, vacations, clothing and whiskey. 
Choose to spend the money now. If you can’t afford it, cut something else out so you can.
*Disclaimer. Not everyone needs a gym membership either. My point is that health needs to be a higher priority for most.
So there it is. A little dramatic with the whole ‘killing you’ in the title but in all seriousness. Start working on these or they’ll likely cause your death sooner than you’d like.
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