Guilt Trip Marketing


How many of you have heard this before?

“What’s your excuse”?

I’ve seen it countless times. Be it personal trainers, coaches, or ‘gyms’. They have a client or member with some or many limitations – and they put a spotlight on them. They take a picture of them and put them on the internet. They let everyone know that despite their limitations, they are still able to work out.
Then they proceed to crap on the very people they’re targeting.
“If this person is able to work out, and has all of these limitations, why can’t you”?
I this an effective form of marketing? Do gyms get an uptick in memberships when they do this kind of thing?
Probably not.
I’m not saying I never did it, I might have. It doesn’t mean it was right.
People have many reasons for not working out. legitimate reasons – some mental, some physical, some both.
Maybe they’re mortified that they’ll be embarrassed.
Maybe they have tried countless times to lose weight/get in shape and have failed. Why would ‘this gym’ be any different?
Maybe they are depressed, afraid to try something new, or worried about getting hurt. Maybe they think they’re too old, too out of shape or simply too busy.
How does it help that the very people that are charged with creating a supportive, healthy environment for people to ‘get fit’ make the people that haven’t quite yet found what works for them, feel like crap?
If someone hasn’t joined a gym yet, we should be there for them when they do.
This here is Ann. Ann has been a member of our gym for a few years now. She has several limitations but shows up every week. She’s a wife and mother and likes working out with us. She would never in a million years tell someone they are ‘making excuses’ for not exercising.
If somebody asked her about CrossFit – I think she’d probably say that we help her.
That we help her to modify stuff to her ability level (which is true for everyone). That we help her to stay healthy for the golf season. That we also treat her the same way we treat everyone else that walks through those doors.
We’re proud of Ann. Proud of her commitment, improvements that she’s made and how far she’s come.
Let’s simply be proud of people that are rather than belittle the people that aren’t.

Partner WOD

For Time

150 DB snatches, 50/35

100 Calorie Row

150 Pull-ups.

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