Ann’s Rough 1st Week

Ann’s first week of CrossFit was rough. Her first session was hard, but she got through it. Her 2nd session was several days later because she was pretty sore. Ann actually wasn’t able to finish because she was lightheaded. Her 3rd workout was also very hard – but she finished and came back the following week for her final intro.

I wasn’t sure if Ann was going to come back. Many don’t. A lot of times it’s because they feel they aren’t ‘fit’ enough…I understand that but also like to impart to new members that the more ‘out of shape’ they are, the more important it is that they’re here.

Periodically we like to go back and redo a workout from our first week/month of CrossFit just to compare…

Ann did that today. But instead of having her redo one workout, I had her redo her ENTIRE first week in one session.

Impressive enough that she easily finished her entire first week in under 20 minutes….she also wanted to get in some deadlifts!

#okboomer #crossfit #scscrossfit #consistency #stclairshorescrossfit #workout #exercise

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