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Strength In 20 mins, find 1RM Deadlift. Conditioning ‘Diane’ 21-15-9 Deadlifts, 225/155 HSPU

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Gym Strength 3x15s Hollow Hang, :15 Superman Hang 2×8 Tight, small kip swings 2×8 Bigger kip swings 3×5 Kip swings w/ stop

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SCSCF is Official Host of 2021 Murph Challenge

‘Murph’ is This Sunday. We’ve hosted ‘Murph’ every year, but this year we decided to become an official host for the first time. Here’s why. ‘Murph’ is usually one of our largest gatherings of the year. As the pandemic is nearing its end there are still many

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New Hire Alert!

I remember when she started. As a lifelong runner, it was very much out of her comfort zone. But after many months of urging from her husband Jeff, she decided to give CrossFit a try.  Allison and I had a rocky relationship early on. Not

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Strength 1 and 1/4 Front Squats 3-3-3-3 Conditioning With a Partner 20 Min AMRAP 1000m Row 80 Front Rack Reverse Lunges, 95/65 50 Thrusters

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Strength Snatch 3-3-3-3-3 @70-75% of 1RM Conditioning 100-75-50-25 Double Unders 20-15-10-5 Hang Power Snatch, 95/65

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Strength EMOTM x 12 Minute 1: 250m Row Minute 2: 15 American KB Swings Minute 3: Rest Conditioning 12 Min AMRAP 500m Row 20 T2B 20 KB SDHP 3 Wall Walks

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Strength 15 Mins to Build to 3 RM Hang Power Clean Conditioning Every 5 Minutes for 4 Sets: 200m Run 15 HSPU 5 Squat Cleans, 185/125

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‘Whole Lotta Tabata’ Tabata 1 (8 Rounds :20 on, :10 off) Up downs 1 Min Res Tabata 2 Sit-ups 1 Min Rest Tabata 3 Jump Squats 1 Min Rest Tabata 4 Sit-ups 1 Min Rest Tabata 5 Up-Downs

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