Competition Class


We’re adding a competitors only class!

There are several athletes that have the goal to be more competitive and take their training to the next level. With that we are announcing the Competition Class. This class was the brainchild of Doug Engelhardt, who has been with SCSCF since it’s inception.

Doug has decided to take his training to the next level. Doug will be in the next masters age division for next years Open, and given that his birthday is July 4th, he will just make the cutoff, likely making him the youngest in his age group for the 55+ age class. This is also the first age group that has a scaled option. Putting his chances that much higher.

Doug, who had knee replacement surgery in January 2015, when asked if it was safe or not to take on such an intense training regimen and increased volume responded by saying “Well, I’m not here for a haircut”.

The Competitor Class will be reserved for only the most intense, goal oriented individuals. This class will be offered weekdays at 5am however, Mondays and Friday are always tentative. When asked why, Doug responded “I never know when a Thursday or Sunday will get away from me”.

Doug is ready, he’s already booked his hotel reservation for Madison in August of 2018. When this man sets his sights on the prize, there is no stopping him!

2017 Goals, besides switching from death gripping his front squats and getting his first strict pull-up, are a 6 min mile, and straightening out his right leg all the way.

Good Luck Doug! Go Get it!

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