Dare to Ignore

Annmarie Ignoring the Haters

Annmarie had never done anything like CrossFit. And everyone that knows her, knows as much. After giving it a try, and her friends and family found out, they couldn’t believe it.

YOU do CrossFit?

Nobody could believe it. Annmarie doing CrossFit was the most ‘Non Annmarie’ thing anyone could imagine her doing. 

And in a way, they were right. She had a rough start. She was very inconsistent early on. In addition, as she is the type that likes to blend in, the extra coaching attention was something she was also unfamiliar with making her uncomfortable at times. Having never lifted weights, learning how to use a barbell can be a steep learning curve for a lot of us and Annmarie was no different. I could see it in her eyes in almost every class…and if ever there was a face that said ‘please leave me alone’. That was it. Nervous before every class, worried she wouldn’t ‘do well’ and general lack of confidence in the early stages was apparent. 

So yes, a very rough beginning, which is the case for most beginners. The rough beginning coupled with the negative feedback about how she has NO BUSINESS doing CrossFit worked. 

So she canceled her membership. 

And then she didn’t. She changed her mind. I don’t remember her exact words but it was something like “I need to do it for me and just ignore everyone else”. 

Ever since then, She has taken off. More consistent in attendance, improved mechanics, much more comfortable with the overall program. 

And much more fun. 

Early Annmarie walked into every class worried that she wouldn’t know how to do anything during the class. 

And now, a full year later, it’s just another workout with her friends. 

Some advice simply needs to be ignored…particularly in the fitness world. If you tell your friends and family that you’re trying something new in the name of your physical health. That you’re trying something difficult/expensive/dangerous and their feedback is telling you that you shouldn’t? That you can’t? 

That’s not a red flag. It’s a dare. 

Happy Anniversary Annmarie! 

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