Is This You?

It’s Me.

Are you worried that you’re too much of a mess? So much so that our staff won’t be able to figure out how to work with you? 

Are you worried that you’re getting taken advantage of? Paying so much money for something that you have no idea if it will even work or not?

Are you worried about being embarrassed? Sticking out like a sore thumb so much that you’d rather crawl into a hole rather than have any additional attention drawn in your direction? 

Are you worried about getting hurt??

Or that you’re too old?

Are you too uncoordinated or weak?

“OMG! I saw that rope hanging from your ceiling. I can’t climb a rope!” 

Are you right now thinking about all the things listed above as somewhat of a baseline and that you are even WORSE THAN THAT??

That you’re way too out of shape to even try?

Surely you are different because of your back/shoulder/knee/neck issues….Right?

Clearly YOU are some sort of outlier that will present us with some sort of limitation or ‘issues’ that we have never encountered before. 

YOU are different. 

Is This You? If it is…I understand. 

Different, you are not. 

We all have limitations. We have previous injuries, fear of failure and a million other reasons it won’t work.

But we also need to get stronger. We need to be healthy and happy. We need to exercise and learn things. We also need to meet new people! 

Is This You? 

It was also me. 

See you in the gym. 


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