New Hire Alert!

I remember when she started. As a lifelong runner, it was very much out of her comfort zone. But after many months of urging from her husband Jeff, she decided to give CrossFit a try. 

Allison and I had a rocky relationship early on. Not in a sense that we had any kind of real anger towards each other. But in a different way, in that, were it not for her relationship as the wife of one of our trainers at the time she may have quit after the first day. Or week…

She’s also very determined. 

As a person, she’s one of a kind. Easy to talk to, fun to be around. Smart, genuine and always willing to help.
As a CrossFitter, she was a bit of a ‘project’. Some would say ‘a hot mess’. 😂
What does this mean? And why am I telling you this? 

Since joining the gym back in 2013, Allison encountered every problem I can imagine anyone having as a new member. From feeling completely out of place trying something new and difficult. But also being the type of person that doesn’t want any added attention in a group setting. More likely – Allison didn’t ever want to take the focus off of others. If she didn’t understand something, a lot of times she wouldn’t ask for help. Maybe she wouldn’t ask because she was nervous…either because she didn’t know something she thought she should know, or was worried about looking ‘silly’. 

Meeting new people, trying something new and difficult, overcoming adversity. 

Commitment and loyalty. 

Putting the group before herself. 

That describes Allison. 

Allison is a leader. 

And she loves helping others. 

And she’s a mom! But not like a regular mom, but a super fit mom. 

So please join me in welcoming Allison Koenigbauer as your St. Clair Shores CrossFit CEM. (Client Experience Manager). 

Every question/issue anyone may have, I can assure you Allison also had. Not only did she find out all the answers, she found them all out the hard way. Which only makes it better for all of you. She’s been there, done that. 

In the coming weeks/months, Allison will be reaching out to all of you. To new members to help them navigate this new adventure. But also to those of you that have been here for years. The aim is to improve the overall experience for everyone. To foster communication and address concerns any of you may have. 

Thank you Allison, and welcome to the team! 

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