Ryan’s Hope

Ryan H.

Ryan’s Hope was a TV Soap Opera that ran from 1975 until 1989. Ryan Hertel was also born in 1975. And in his 47th consecutive year running, may be in the best shape of his life. I don’t know what he ‘hoped’ for when he signed up…but I do believe that if you asked him, he’d tell you he got a lot more than what he expected. 

I remember when Ryan walked in for his intro. He listened, seemed pretty engaged in conversation and at the end, casually handed over his credit card and said ‘let’s do it’. 

So we did. 

And he hasn’t looked back. 

You never know with people. Ryan had never really worked out though he did play sports when he was younger. He also plays quite a bit of golf. For someone like him, finding the time to add in a regular workout routine can seem difficult, particularly when you have a job, a family and other activities that may count as ‘exercise’. Golf is absolutely exercise, so it would be easy to try something out and then after a few months to go back to his regular routine. Especially when starting from square one. 

For Ryan, every workout was scaled. The weights, the reps, the intensity…all of it. He just took it in stride and just did his best. Learning, improving, working hard and most all, showing up…a LOT. In fact, he probably has the highest attendance in the gym since he joined 8 months ago. In addition, he even started running on days that he wasn’t able to make it in. 

And another thing…Ryan is diabetic. As a type 2 diabetic he also needed to work with his doctor to monitor his condition having started a new workout program. 

Ryan’s A1C (a long term blood sugar measurement) is now the lowest it has been in 15 years. 

This was not a specific goal. It was merely a ‘side benefit’ of the program. 

Our doctors are there to help us. If we help ourselves, they will notice. They’ll notice the weight on the scale, the bloodwork, the blood pressure readings and your general sense of well being.

Just don’t tell them you’re doing CrossFit 😉

I don’t know what Ryan ‘hoped’ for when he started…but I know what he got. Whether measured by his mile time, back squat, blood work or golf game. 

Ryan is stronger, faster and healthier. Or, as CrossFit defines it. 

He is simply fitter. Nice job Ryan! 

Hope you’re happy! 

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