5 RFT12 Deadlift (155/105)9 Hang Power Cleans6 Bar Facing Burpees 14 MIN CAP

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Accessory Work: 3 SETS FOR QUALITY15 Banded Face Pulls10 DB/Plate Frontal Raises10 DB/Plate Lateral Raises

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Strength: Back Squat1×10 @ 75% of 10RM1X10 @ 85% OF 10RM1X10 @95% OF 10RM

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WOD: For Time1k row20 T2B1k row20 T2B1k row 19 MIN CAP

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Strength: 16 Minutes to Build to a 1RM Floor Press Conditioning: “Muscle Beach”AMRAP X 1020 Push-Ups15 Weighted Sit-Ups (25/15)10 Chin Ups

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Strength: EMOM X 12Min 1: :40 Front Rack HoldMin 2: :40 Hollow HoldMin 3: :40 Mountain ClimbersMin 4: Rest Conditioning: For Time:100 Double Unders30 DBL KB DL (53/35)75 Double Unders20 DBL KB DL50 Double Unders10 DBL KB DL 10 MIN CAP

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Accessory Work: 3×10Barbell Rollouts Conditioning: AMRAP X 28W/Partner (I Go, You Go)2 Front Squats (115/75)4 Hang Power Cleans6 Lateral Burpees over the Bar

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Strength: 18 Mins to Build to 1RM Split Jerk Conditioning: “Up Stream”AMRAP X 122 Shoulder to OH (155/105)2 Cal RowReps increase by 2 each round

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Strength EMOMx8 3 Kipping Knee Raises/T2B + 2 Pull-ups + 1 C2B Conditioning Every 3 Minutes x 7 200m Run 8 T2B 8 Pull-ups

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