Your Shitty Form Means You’re Awesome!

So there was an internet troll that commented on one of our athletes ‘form’ in a recent social media video…I ignored it as usual but it did make me think of something bigger. 

First off. The shittier your form, the more likely it is that you’re trying something new. Which makes the fact that you walked through the doors in the first place even more impressive. 

If your form is currently shit, in time, it’ll be less so. 

Maybe you’ve worked out before, but you’ve never touched a barbell. Maybe you’ve always ran/biked but never tried even the most basic gymnastic movement. Maybe you’ve been sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day for the last 15-20 years. If that’s the case, why would you have ‘good form’. Be it CrossFit or whatever your activity happens to be. 

Speaking specifically of CrossFit. It’s a learning process. And it takes time.  

We all start somewhere. Some people have better form than others for sure, but in my experience, for the most part, we’re all pretty shitty when we start off (myself included). But we get better. We get better with consistency, coaching and commitment. 

Few things to remember about exercise form…

1. When you start something new, it will be the worst you will ever be at that thing. So you might as well start anyway. Any/All exercise programs are the same in that regard. 

2. Ideally, you would exercise regularly with perfect form. Since that is impossible, the next best thing is to exercise regularly with good form, followed by regular exercise with shitty form. (I heard something similar to this years ago and it always stuck with me) 

Yes. Exercising regularly with shitty form is WAY better than NOT exercising at all. The reason why this is so important to understand, is that form shittyness is relative. It’s also specific to the individual. If someone works out all the time with horrible form, and they are happy, they like how they look, and are able to do whatever they physically want, why in the world would they stop? Meanwhile, I just got a text from a friend that hurt his back getting out of bed. Does he need to work on his ‘form’? 

3. The constant talk about the importance of form is usually related to injury prevention – but most injuries (an extremely vast majority) are not catastrophic. Though they do happen, and I have witnessed some, it really is quite rare. We can also actually learn a lot from our injuries – strange as that sounds. So then what’s the big deal? Why does it seem to be such a narrative in the fitness world?

I have my theory – it mainly stems from the very people in the fitness industry itself. Internet trolls don’t help, but neither do trainers and gym owners that feel that they need to build their brand and clientele by tearing other people down. Calling out people for shitty form is a shitty thing. I did it before, and then I realized it was shitty. So I stopped. Criticizing anyone’s form on social media is the same as correcting a person’s grammar (something I also used to do). Nobody likes it. And it doesn’t make you look smart. 

So If your form is shitty, try to improve it. Always. And forever. It’s very important for both injury prevention and long term adherence to any legitimate strength and conditioning program. Work with your coaches and trainers to figure it out and do your best. 

And ignore people you don’t know on the internet. 

P.S. Hurt my back in that pic. Form seems okay. We’ll leave that to Facebook to figure out.


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