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Our Founder

Jason David

Like many others out there I knew I needed to start working out. I needed to lose weight, get in shape and make some lifestyle changes or else I’d be in some pretty big trouble. I’d already started having some health issues and nothing seemed to work. And if it did work, I didn’t ‘like it’ enough to stick with it long term. Not being able to stick with something long term was always an issue for me. And for that, I blamed myself. Which didn’t help matters. Then I walked into my first CrossFit gym. I was thinking this might be my last chance…so I did some research and made an appointment.

The first workout was rough for sure. So was the first month. And the second. But then something clicked. And one day it dawned on me…I actually enjoy this! I liked it so much, that I started to teach it. As I started to teach, I began to realize that I enjoyed helping others more than anything else!
13 years later, that hasn’t changed. Some things are a lot different since opening my first CrossFit gym in 2008. The business landscape is different, social media and marketing have evolved, but even during a pandemic (writing this in February of 2021) I still look forward to going to ‘work’ every day.

Our Professional Coaches

Coach Keri

Keri is a proud midwestern gal...

Keri is an invaluable member of the gym. She's a great coach and motivator and is also probably stronger than you. Keri has been coaching at St. Clair Shores CrossFit for about a year now and has become a favorite with our 6am crew. Keri was a 'boomerang' member that started with us way back in 2012 only to return right before the pandemic in spring of 2020.

She was born in Detroit, raised in Chicago, received her education in Ohio (BA Marketing & Professional Sales 11′ and MBA Leadership 12′) at The University of Toledo where she also played Softball receiving All-MAC and Academic All-American Honors throughout her career. Keri worked previously within the corporate partnership departments of both the Detroit Tigers and Olympia Entertainment and is a founder of T.E.A. a non-profit partner to Rebel Nell. Keri currently works for The Coca-Cola Company as a Sr. Manager of Franchise Leadership for Michigan. She recently moved back to Grosse Pointe Woods, bought her first house and dog (Freddie!), is very close to her family; mom, dad, two brothers, two sister in-laws and one niece! She is also lucky to have a group of best friends from childhood close by and deemed their children’s ‘cool aunt keri’.

Stuff you may not know:
Certs/Awards:CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1), Finalist for Coca-Cola Heroes Award, Recipient National Sports Forum OM Foundation Award, My parent’s favorite child 😉

Hobbies: I love to craft / interior design, host parties, fairly competitive at backyard games, city girl with an outdoors heart, love to travel and take adventures!

Coach Emily

You don't hear about too many people that leave Nashville for Detroit...

Emily did, and for that we are very grateful.

Emily joined St. Clair Shores CrossFit in the summer of 2020. Though she had several years of experience at CrossFit Forte in Nashville, it was still something different joining a gym that at the time, she wasn't even allowed to physically enter.

Emily fit right in. Not only is she an amazing CrossFit athlete but she’s also very helpful and supportive to others. Because of this, it only made sense for her to train others. Emily was uniquely positioned to become a trainer for more than a few reasons.

Emily is super smart, hard working and very committed. She also started CrossFit as a beginner, never having lifted weights or done a pullup. Starting at that point and progressing to a point of narrowly missing out on the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals competition is very impressive and quite rare. This not only says a lot about her as a person, but for somebody to be in a position to help others, both new and advanced, because she’s been there, done that – is an amazing resource for a CrossFit gym.

Emily has been coaching at SCSCF since early 2021.

Stuff you may not know:
Certs/Awards:CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1), Ph.D from Saint Louis University (Health Care Ethics) also Met love of her life (Dusty) at SCSCF

Hobbies: Traveling, Hiking, Hanging with her dog Teagan. Not eating red meat.


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