Grand Opening!

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So yesterday was the grand opening of St. Clair Shores CrossFit. Good times were had by all and we even had a few people show up for class this morning!

Opening up SCSCF has been a ton of work BUT I wouldn’t have been able to do it without a ton of help from a lot of my friends.

I have to start with my family. Micah, Tracy, Grandma, Aunt Yvette and Francesca and Julie T. Thanks for helping with Micah. She would’ve gladly helped with the building demo but I think it was best for her to hang with you guys.

If you need help building a gym from the ground up, please get Charlie Tyner’s number from me. Charlie does EVERYTHING except paint! 🙂 He also is a stamped concrete wizard! If you need any work done check out MLS Concrete or ACR Works. Charlie’s dad is pretty good too…

Another shout out to all of our member that pitched in for the hell of it! Alan and Danielle, Toby, Romo, The Woodruff’s, Dane-O, Best Chiropractor on the east side Dr. Jeffrey Koeningbauer (who will adjust you and router some stuff), Wonder Woman, William T., T-Bone, Erin & Lisa, SEFF, The Engelhardt’s (evil before love), Marky Mark, Ashley , Jen, the 2.5 Fournier’s, Jay Francis, Liz K., and the M3.

Comfort food from Little Z’s  was provided by the law firm Harrington Dragich.

Custard provided by Wally’s Frozen Custard and the Ahearn’s.

Bookkeeping by Connie David LLC and Julia.

Tents provided by the Rubio’s and the Caleca’s.

Pull-up rig and bumper caddy provided by WODRax.

Kick ass logo and fancy schmancy website brought to you by Scott Advertising.

Dick Carpenter.

I’m also 100% sure I forgot somebody – thank you too!!

SCSCF wouldn’t be what it is without our members. The members make the gym.

Seriously. Thank you.

(And yes Lisa, I know the sign picture needs to be rotated).






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