Master The Basics

Our kids program is designed around mastering the basics. Every youth fitness program should provide a solid foundation built on sound nutrition, movement mechanics and most of all, FUN!

Climbing Mt. Midoriyama on Ninja Warrior starts with learning how to properly grip a pull-up bar. Similarly, hitting a 90mph slider 400ft likely began by hitting off of a tee.

It’s much harder to learn the basics as an adult. In fact, if we learn to do it the right way at young enough age, it’s nearly impossible to unlearn. Find me a 12 year old with an amazing golf swing and I’ll show you an adult with one. Even if they stopped playing before high school.

Providing a safe environment for kids to learn is the goal. They should also learn in a way that builds their confidence and skills regardless of physical ability.

That’s why we have Ms. Kelly. Who better to teach the basics to our kids than an amazing kindergarten teacher.

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