Scaling CrossFit

Scaling CrossFit is very difficult and takes a great amount of practice and effort. Not to mention patience – both from the athlete, and the coach. 

Proper scaling of CrossFit can be very frustrating for some. It’s our job as trainers to provide a clear explanation of the method/purpose. 

One thing we’re not going to do is take the ‘easy’ way out. It’s easy to just ‘not do’ something because we hate it, or we can’t, or don’t think it’ll ever lead anywhere. 

I also believe it’s a lazy approach and doesn’t provide long term value. 

You may be frustrated now, the reward comes later. 

Scaled running is running slower, or walking. 

Scaled jiu jitsu is getting choked or armbarred. 

Scaling CrossFit is progressions and adaptations. 

Improper scaling of any of these can lead to injury. 

Applying proper scaling/progressions to these endeavors over time can be some of the more rewarding things we do as human beings. 

I’ve seen grown men cry when getting a stripe on their belt in jiu jitsu. 

I’ve seen the look in the eyes of many of you after your first pull-up, muscle-up, wall ball, push-up or overhead squat. 

That look in your eyes is our reward as trainers. 

That feeling you had is yours. 

And it’s all because of scaling…and a little bit of patience. 

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